Zoe - Jet



Clarity Handbags keeps sport and music fans one step ahead of the game by making security a breeze with our wide range of stylish, clear purses and clear bags. Clarity Handbags are transparent bags and were designed to follow the regulations of sporting events and stadiums. However, we cannot guarantee these bags will meet the requirements of every stadium. Security has the right to allow which handbags and backpacks will be allowed into the stadium. We highly advise verifying your specific stadium policies to avoid complications. POLICY-COMPLIANT CLEAR STADIUM BAGS Adheres to NFL, NCAA, SEC, NBA and concert venue requirements. Our clear bags are stadium approved. DURABLE MATERIAL Water-resistant transparent PVC material and animal-friendly vegan leather that will withstand many concerts and sports seasons. OCCASIONS Clarity Handbags clear crossbody purses are great for sports outings, concerts and music festivals. They are also stylish enough for everyday wear. DIMENSIONS (inches) 9"W x 6.5"H x 2.5"D