Wild Flower Necklace


Designer Name: TATEOSSIAN

Designed for the wild romantic, the Wild Flower collection is inspired by hazy summer days & barley fields. A pastel faceted marquise stone is set within a cut-out frame which expose's the stone and let's the light sparkle through it. 3D twisted barley is cast in silver and dangle's off the trace chain, creating a botanical necklace design. Each piece is made in sterling silver and plated in 2-micron 14K rose or yellow gold plating. Available in Rose de France Amethyst which has a subtle lavender hue to it, or Blue Moon Quartz which has a delicate hint of blue. Available in one size which is adjustable in length, 30 inch at longest and 28 inch at the shortest.


  • Material: Sterling silver with 2micron 14K rose gold plating.
  • Stone: Rose de France amethyst.
  • Size: 30 inch at longest and 28 inch at shortest.