Veglia Backpack


Designer Name: ATHISON

A unisex trendy bag with original design and color variants from classic style to sportswear. The zipper on the back provides direct access to the Backpack, ensuring practicality while protecting its contents from intrusive hands.

“Alpe Veglia is a mountain resort in the municipal territories of Varzo and Trasquera. It is situated at the beginning of Val Cairasca, a lateral branch of Val Divedro, in a large valley of glacial origin, at approximately 1,750 m a.s.l.”

1,056 cotton threads are tied one by one to make up the base of a unique and inimitable woven material. Cotton is waxed with potato flour starch, in line with the company’s production processes that favor the use of natural, non-toxic materials. We use the highest expression of the best vegetable-tanned leather, skilfully processed by Tuscany tanneries.


  • Leather and cotton braided handle
  • Double opening
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Size: Length 48 cm, height 23 cm, width 16 cm