Triple Moonstone Bracelet


Designer Name: MHART DESIGNS

Handcrafted from 14k gold vermeil faceted moonstone charms and black spinel gemstones. Moonstone is known as a crystal of spiritual and feminine energy. It is thought to channel the energy of the moon to open a powerful connection to one’s inner-self, and provide healing through nourishment, enlightenment, and balance. This stunning stone illuminates your path and provides protection against negative influences. It can refresh and energize your mind and body with its glow. By surrounding yourself with moonstone’s shining light you’ll find tranquility and joy in new beginnings.


  • Gold vermeil is similar to gold plating but requires a thicker layer of gold that must be above 2.5 microns. If you are looking for real gold jewelry at an affordable price, our gold vermeil is your best option.