Teardop Earrings


Designer Name: VAN PETERSON

Beautiful faceted teardrop labradorite earrings in 18ct yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver. These semi-precious stones come with a unique iridescent blue shine. Wear these to add a unique touch to any look.

  • Total length: 3.5 cm (1 5/16” )
  • Stone width: 1.3cm (½”)

COLLECTION The Little Rock collection is composed of natural stones, including ruby, sapphire, labradorite and many more. Carefully selected from all over the world feature in a collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Find your perfect stone. Click here to shop more pieces from the Little Rock Collection. STONE Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, and a bringer of light. Paired with the Zodiac sign Sagittarius. A semi-precious stone that comes in various shades of grey to black with a blue and gold iridescent shine. Labradorite can be found in Italy, Greenland, Finland, Canada and Scandinavia.