Sophia Earrings


Designer Name: AMADEUS

The Sophia Amethyst Hoop Earring features a boldly beautiful purple gemstone surrounded by 14ct gold Vermeil.

The stone is hand faceted and cushion-cut, making these delicate earrings very wearable and ideal to add a splash of color to any outfit.

Amethyst is one of the most famous and prominent crystals because of its beautiful coloration as well as its spiritual and literal meaning. The spiritual meaning of Amethyst is groundedness, tranquility, and calm.


  • Material is recycled and purified Fair Trade 14 Carat gold vermeil – sterling silver heavily electroplated with several layers of 14 Carat gold
  • The Gemstone is smokey quartz, hand sourced from legislated and fair-trade mines that provide accurate tallying of toxic mining waste and that replenish mine sites
  • Dimensions of stone: Approx. 2 cm diameter
  • Handmade in the United Kingdom