Pyramid Studs


Designer Name: ELLIOT YOUNG

Pyramids are said to symbolize STRENGTH, ENERGY, and RENEWAL. My polished sides and point represent these ideas as well as being a daily reminder of inner strength and beauty. I am a bold statement of an earring, but also classic enough to look good stacked up the ear. I am two-tone (Sterling Silver Pyramids and 14K Yellow Gold "Halo"), and am surrounded by 7 diamonds on each stud. 14K Gold Posts, Larger Scale 14K Backings.


  • Sterling Silver Pyramid, 14K Yellow Gold "Halo", 14K Gold post and Backings,  Diamonds
  • 14 .8mm Diamonds on the "Halos" per pair (7 per stud)
  • Stud is 8mm in diameter
  • 2-Tone
  • Made in the USA