Proctor A


Designer Name: QUA VINO

Proctor A and Spring seem to be reading a novel full of beautiful stories. The white piping decoration is a point on the black body resembling the petals of black roses. The white color base decoration has the effect of distracting the eyes, showing a more slender figure and long legs. The delicate pin-tuck point in the center of the chest adds a modern touch. It adopts an irregular crack treatment, which can change the color according to the direction of the light. 


  • It is a noble and gorgeous black color.
  • Moderately sized ruffles bring a romantic feeling overall, covering the underarms.
  • The back part is deeply cut in a V shape.
  • The cutting covers half of the bottom, making the under hip line beautiful.
  • There are padding holes where you can attach bra pads.
  • Soft, medium sized pads are included.