Pocket T-Shirt


Designer Name: PLOUMANAC'H

Marmo Gray Light Blue Smart Casual Cotton T-Shirt

A comfortable T-shirt never goes out of style. This simple design looks great on the job and works just as well with sweats when it's time to kick back and relax. Sensible and always in style - get this lovely piece in cotton. Featuring a classic crew neck cut, it'll look great with any pair of pants or shorts. Layer this all-season design or wear it alone - no matter how you wear it, you'll stay stylish and comfortable. Go casual and relaxed with a stylish light gray that's anything but dull. This plain pocket adds more visual interest and fashion-forward style to your outfit.

This shirt is colored with our signature Fresh Process, using significantly less water and less energy compared to conventional coloring systems. Since this treatment layers the color over the textile, it lives the yarn with its full texture and quality. This process gives our garments a stonewashed look, without damaging the item. Irregularities and different color shades are part of the design.