Nugget Necklace


Designer Name: VAN PETERSON

This yellow gold nugget necklace is an easy-to-wear statement piece. 18k yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver. When working on the design of the shape of the nuggets, we put actual pearls into a mould to form the shape of our nuggets, which gives the natural and organic texture of a real pearl. Make a statement with truly this unique piece. The length of this necklace enables you to wear it in over five different ways. Find the perfect way to suit your style. Length: 135cm (53″) in length Also available in 18k rose gold gilt here and in sterling silver here.

COLLECTION The River Stone Collection is an extensive assortment of organic modern jewellery in gold and sterling silver. Explore chic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This collection is a favourite of Marissa Hermer. 

  • MATERIAL Vermeil is another term for gilt
  • Van Peterson vermeil jewellery is made with sterling silver and coated in 18ct yellow or rose gold