Nia Coat


Designer Name: CIAO MILANO

style NIA Same style as Savina with the same sophisticated zip-off hood. Except it is lined and 100% WATER, WIND & HURRICANE PROOF. It has the same adjustable sleeves that can be left at full length or cuffed and snapped to and snapped to a fashionable ¾ sleeve. Hidden side pockets on each side of the jacket are also well placed. Back shoulder flap for extra protection. We highly recommend and guarantee that if are considering another color in TESS that you choose SAVINA instead to complement your TESS jacket. This jacket sells for $950 in most stores in Europe. Although this highly fashioned jacket looks great on every shape body it especially looks good on a short person with larger hips. Care Instructions - Best results for washing rain jackets and down items: Enclose your item in a pillow case and tie the end of the pillow case in a knot. Delicate wash cold water. Put pillow case and tumble dry. Dry clean or hand wash, line dry. On down product you might want to add a couple of tennis balls in the pillow case.