Namsan Tanning


Designer Name: QUA VINO

On the first day of the vacation, when I woke up with a fragrant coffee flavor, today's plan is Namsan Tanning. A bikini top designed with a chic mood and a cover-up bottom that completes a natural layered look. The black bra top worn as an inner. A loose-fit top, covering your shoulder, brings comfort and happiness.


  • Finely drawn stripes on a stylishly light gray body, soft and light touch fabric gives a cool and pleasant feeling.
  • The fabric of the bra top and the bottom is composed of fine corduroy patterns, adding a sense of luxury.
  • The wrapped around the shoulder line shows off your arm.
  • The cutting covers half of the bottom, making the under hip line beautiful.
  • There are padding holes where you can attach bra pads.
  • Soft, medium sized pads are included.