Mollie Duster Wrap


Designer Name: KINDOM

Mollie Mixed Media Duster Wrap, Black/White Stripe

Made from reclaimed fabrics, our Mollie mixed media duster wrap was created from deadstock fabrics of the deadstock fabrics! (Take a minute to grasp that). Based on how much we had left as we don’t cut an exorbitant quantity per style (we are slow fashion, after all), the print combos were created accordingly.

Designed to elevate any outfit in your wardrobe from jeans and shorts to a cocktail dress, it is definitely a versatile piece that can be worn with nearly everything. Easy to wear, easy care, and extra fun!

- Duster wrap

- Reclaimed 100% polyester

- Made in USA

- Hand wash cold*, hang dry or dry flat

*We highly recommend using a washing bag such as the Leus Eco Wash Bag to keep the micro fibers of synthetic fabrics from polluting our planet's water systems.

*Or, you can purchase your sustainable garment with a Leus Eco Wash Bag together for only $20 more ($24.99 if purchased separately). Select your "color + Wash Bag" for the promo price to be added to your cart.