Marie Antoinette Socks


Designer Name: CURATOR SOCKS

Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna von Österreich-Lothringen, aka Marie Antoinette. In this day and age her hard-partying, high fashion, and intense romantic friendships would've landed her at the very least her own reality show and armies of devout instagram followers. Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun was a self-made 18th-century French artist in a male-dominated world. Although she was a prolific painter, she is mostly known for her portraits of Marie-Antoinette.

Madame Le Brun caught the Queen's eye for the way her portraits flattered the sitters, giving them an understated glamorous appearance. Her Majesty became one of Le Brun's best customers - but not without scandal. The biggest one sparked by a painting of the royal in a simple, loose-fitting dress that sparked outrage for its informality and inelegance - 'Marie-Antoinette in a Muslin Dress'.


  • 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
  • Made in Portugal using the most advanced craftsmanship to produce the finest seamless socks.
  • Wash inside out (40ºC/100ºF max). Do not tumble dry, iron.
  • For men:
    • Large: L: 41-46 UK (7½-11½) US (8-12)
    • Medium: M: 36-40 UK (4-7) US (4½-7½)
  • For women:
    • Large:  L: 41-46 UK (7½-11½) US (10-12½)
    • Medium:  M: 36-40 UK (4-7) US (6-9½)