Lulu Maxi Dress


Designer Name: KINDOM

Lulu Maxi Dress with Front Yoke Inset (indigenous), Cobalt

This Lulu prairie maxi dress is made of reclaimed printed viscose with an indigenous textile in a tribal ikat pattern at the front yoke.

Native to indigenous Cordillera artisans from the northern part of the Philippines, the ikat was almost a dying craft but was revived in the early seventies. Using ancient techniques passed down from previous generations, plants are grown and harvested to make the natural dyes, the yarns are then tied and dyed, and the finished dyed yarns are set-up one by one on a loom to which are then handwoven to create the various ikat patterns.

The reclaimed rayon fabric that makes the rest of the Lulu dress is leftover from another production that otherwise would have been discarded to the trash, and therefore, a landfill. This dress supports various sustainable efforts!

Supporting, preserving, and celebrating indigenous tribes and their rich culture is at the heart of KINdom. We are all KIN.

V-neck maxi dress with contrast indigenous tribal yoke. Self: 100% viscose (reclaimed). Contrast: 100% cotton (indigenous textile). Made in the Philippines and China. Professional wet clean (more eco-friendly), or dry-clean.