Love Locket


Designer Name: ELLIOT YOUNG

I am an heirloom, a keepsake, and I can house your most precious pictures to take with you always. I am hand-cast (not die-cut), so I am solid and original. I have a beautiful and detailed engraved pattern on my inside walls, so even while waiting for pictures I am stunning to look at. I am high-polished, and have five 2mm diamonds, set in 14K White gold bezels. Also feel free to contact us for a special stone you have in mind.


  • 14K Yellow Gold with 14K White Gold Bezels
  • Five 2mm Diamonds
  • Oval is approx. the size of a dime (but oval in shape)
  • 2-Tone
  • Engravable on the back
  • Available on our "Sepulveda" 14K Satellite chain at 18", or 30" long. 
  • Made in the USA