Healer Skirt in 4 Ply Silk Crepe


Designer Name: RACHEL ACKLEY

This high waist skirt shares the same intention as the Healer Dress. It can be worn for many different occasions, but its main purpose is to serve those who are creating a sacred space for others' healing. The material is a silk charmeuse which is a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave. It not only is the finest of aesthetics but retains the fluid sophistication most sought after in silk fabrics. The material offers a soft feel and supple drape. 


  • All pieces are custom-made to measurements
  • Material: Silk Crepe
  • Dry clean only
  • Rachel Ackley offers a bulk discount if 10+ pieces are ordered
  • Available in colors: Antique White, Ivory, Nude, Ecru, Blush, Fungi