First Pointe Set


Designer Name: QUA VINO

Can you feel your heart trembling and pounding at first sight? Introducing the First Pointe Shoe bikini full of sweet excitement. It is a simple yet unique design that gives you the fun of wearing a deep green bikini chicly layered on a minimalist square top of fresh orange crust terrazzo fabric. The central shirring is the point of this look with the princess-style line along the chest with a carefully selected deep green color. 


  • You can adjust the length by tying the thick shoulder straps with ribbons on the shoulders, creating classic beauty and loveliness.
  • There is an opening on the inside of the chest where the padding can be added or removed, and we will send you medium-sized oval-shaped inserts with a natural volume.
  • The low-rise bikini bottom, highlighted by deep green banding, covers the hip halfway and makes the under-hip line look beautiful and the legs look longer.