Discs Bracelet


Designer Name: TATEOSSIAN

Rutilated quartz beads are paired with hand-polished, rhodium-plated sterling silver discs, crafted in our Imperial Wharf, central London workshop. Designed onto a closed elastic which extends seamlessly over your hand. Decorate your wrist with our iconic series of hand-carved, semi-precious stone bracelets. The colour and natural formation of our gemstones differ from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind.


  • Material: Rhodium-plated sterling silver.
  • Stone: Rutile or titanium oxide (ti02) is a mineral that typically forms in long, thin needles. The formation of this stone occurs due to high temperatures and pressure. Currently, the vast majority of rutilated quartz is mined in Brazil and is found in most gem-producing countries. Associated with healing.
  • Size: Available in extra-small (15cm), small (16cm), medium (17.5cm) and large (19cm) inner circumference sizes with a 6mm width. This style can be customized in size. Contact our customer care for further information.