Diamond Necklace


Designer Name: TATEOSSIAN

Black diamond stones and grey baroque pearls adorn an 18k rose gold chain, scattered across the necklace in an understated and modern fashion. The irregular-sized diamonds are meticulously placed around the necklace, leaving your neck decorated with a subtle sparkle from every angle. Finished with an 18k rose gold loop closure. Made to make a statement. Perfect for a timeless and beautifully elegant look. The colour, size and natural formation of our genuine pearl stones differ from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind. Each genuine black diamond stone is cut to attract the natural light.


  • Material: 18k rose gold.
  • Stone: Diamond is a rare, naturally-occurring mineral composed of carbon. Diamonds high lustre - known as "adamantine" - gives them the ability to reflect a high percentage of the light. Diamonds are said to strengthen the soul as well as being a symbol for eternal love.
  • Pearl's are produced from calcium carbonate, from the lustrous lining in the shells of the sea substances such as pearl oysters and mussels. This lining occurs in tones of milky white.