Croix Necklace



Croix De Guerre Freshwater Pearl Necklace

18" of 8-9mm grey freshwater pearls, sterling wire, hook clasp and bronze Croix de Guerre medal.  

The French Croix de Guerre was awarded to French and allied soldiers, including 11,589 Americans, for their service during World War I and was authorized by French legislation on April 2, 1915. The Croix de Guerre was a medal with ribbon that was awarded with degrees based on the actions of the soldier and his role.

This medal features Marianne Marianne is a national symbol of France, symbolizing reason, liberty and the ideals of the republic.

All sterling silver and bronze pieces are made in the using 100% eco-recycled metals. All handmade in the Pacific Northwest. All materials are locally and ethically sourced. Each piece is handmade so each piece is truly one of a kind.