Binakul Pouch Set


Designer Name: KINDOM

Traditionally used as blankets, these textile weaves have a specific design comprising of geometric patterns which result in optical illusions or opt art, that is said to represent the waves of the sea, and, among indigenous peoples of the northern Philippines, protection against malevolent spirits. Sometimes, some of the yarns used for the weaves are upcycled from other fabrics, adding another layer of sustainability. 

Shown here are zippered pouches made of "binakul" hand-woven textiles, in sets of 3. Each one is one-of-a-kind with reclaimed trim. Supporting, preserving, and celebrating indigenous tribes and their rich cultures is at the heart of KINdom. We are all KIN.


  • 100% abaca
  • Made in the Philippines and adorned in USA
  • *Only 1 piece available*