Badiali Art Blazer


Designer Name: Rhumaa

Our Art Badiali Blazer is made from cotton suiting. This stand out blazer celebrates the one-of-a-kind artwork from collaborating artist, Fernando Badiali, a story about reducing plastics in our oceans. When you wear this suit, you share a love for the sea and a passion for storytelling.

This blazer features a side tie and front pockets and is best matched with the Badiali Tailored Trouser. 

The Badiali Blazer is soft and is made from the highest quality cotton suiting. Natural feel when you wear this blazer. 

It has a sophisticated A-Line silhouette with a loose fit. It ends at hip length and features a 2 piece sleeve, front pockets, and a streamlined lapel/collar. This blazer has a special double-breasted asymmetrical closure with a side tie.