Backless Boho Linen Overalls


Designer Name: FOLIE DU LIN

Our models are made by hand and according to your measurements EXCLUSIVELY. In the case of a made-to-measure order, we will ask you to provide us with your precise measurements and indicate them when placing your order. Our clothes are loose. It is up to us to adjust them based on your measurements. Long sleeves, can be fixed at the elbow. Linen colour and embroideries are available according to your choices The manufacturing time is 1 month (it is an artisanal product which requires time).
You can be your own designer of your garment. Imagine your own outfit. All you have to do is choose the colour of your linen, your threads, and your patterns to complete the custom order. 


  • 100% linen. Silk thread embroidery
  • Ethnic embroidered linen overalls
  • Techniques used: satin stitch and cross stitch.
  • Handcrafted