Angkan Mask


Designer Name: KINDOM

"Ego is impurity. Be selfless." - Frederick Lenz

Protect others by protecting yourself, and what better way to do than supporting indigenous people and their ancestral crafts at the same time?

To complement our KINDOM styles made with indigenous textiles (or any other style!), we are proud to partner with ANGKAN to exclusively bring you these wonderful *hand-made* reusable masks by the indigenous Itneg tribe of the Northern Philippines. The term “Itneg” means people of the river, which is the Tineg river. The ritual specialists and healers of this indigenous group are usually women, so it is fitting that they are the ones who create our masks.

This “Binakol” geometric-patterned fabric with an optical illusion effect is said to protect the owner by warding off evil while appeasing benevolent spirits, as used in their traditional rituals. Handwoven and hand-embroidered by the Itneg women, these are lined with either soft rayon for comfortability & easy breathability; attached with elastic for easy fit; infused with bergamot oil which has a soothing & calming effect, has anti-bacterial properties plus balances the oils on your skin; and each comes with its own individual pouch. No two are exactly alike! In addition, the masks have been sanitized with UV light, to ensure maximum protection.


  • Adult reusable personal protective mask, not medical grade, for personal use only
  • Cotton/polyester Itneg handwoven Binakol textile w/ 100% rayon contrast lining
  • Made in the Philippines by indigenous tribal artisans
  • Pre-sanitized with UV light
  • Infused with bergamot oil
  • Gentle hand wash cold & hang dry or dry flat
  • madeFit & sizing. Head & face shapes vary. As these are hand-made in woven fabric & not stretchy knit (per the CDC, woven fabrics are more effective), there will be slight variances. Size M generally fits to the chin or just right below, size L is a little wider & longer, generally fitting over the chin and underneath it. 
  • *Only 1 piece available*