Designer Interview

By: FashWire
Feb 15, 2023 01:51 PM

What inspired you to name your brand?

I was inspired to create a brand that lets my customer relax while shopping consciously. Despite the growing eco-friendly movement, our world makes it so difficult for the consumer to buy with the “big picture” in mind. I named my two brands, “Life Clothing Company” and “People Of Leisure” because it’s a lifestyle of being easy on yourself and easy on the environment. We’re here to let those who care about our planet be lazy. You can shop guilt-free with us and lounge around doing it.


What is your earliest design memory for your brand?

I remember designing our Day Break set. I was sketching it out and felt like I landed on something that would be very comfortable for many people.


Where do you find inspiration?

In nature. When you live in Los Angeles, the appreciation for nature is even deeper than maybe those who have it all the time in other parts of the world.


What was your previous work experience before launching your brand?

I got a degree in political science, but I ended up in fashion. It wasn’t my first plan, since I was studying law, but I think my background gave me a different perspective instead of just going into fashion because I like clothes.


How has the fashion industry changed since you first started out?

I started in 2014 and it has become a lot more competitive since then with the internet. Social media is a love-hate relationship for all of us. People simply don’t shop in stores as much, so everyone is dependent on getting attention online. Sometimes it can feel like a rat race, but luckily our customers come back because of the ability to dress up or dress down many of our items. Loungewear saw a rise since COVID-19 and I don’t think people will trade comfort for fashion anymore.


“We just want people to look good and feel good, both physically and mentally.”


What sets your brand apart from the rest?

The fabrication and looking deeply into sustainability. When you touch our clothes, they don’t feel like they’ve been made carelessly somewhere in another country. Our items are thick, plush, luxurious and thought-through.


Do you have a favorite piece that you have designed? 

My first design, The Day Break set.


What were some hurdles you had to overcome in your business?

The biggest hurdles have been manufacturing and sourcing fabrics, but we’ve managed to create our own little world with a team that feels like family.


How important is sustainability to your brand?

It’s everything. Sustainability practices should be in the conversation of every brand.


What do you envision for the future of your brand?

I envision a brand that is timeless. Simple clothes that people feel comfortable wearing, it’s not that complicated. We just want people to look good and feel good, both physically and mentally.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to a new designer?

Be creative not only in your designs, but in every area of your life. Be creative with how you communicate, how you think and how you brand yourself. Use your creativity to get out of tough situations and get along with people.


How important is social media to your brand?

Very important, because it’s the voice of our brand. We want our customers to feel like they belong to a group of like-minded people.


“We’re not here to focus on the "next thing"; we are your staple brand right here and now.”


What is the most important thing you would like your brand to be recognized for?

For its ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable fabrications that feel good to the touch, as well as for its minimalism and a little playful fun.


How would you define fashion?

Fashion is an expression of who you are. You tell the world how you want to be treated by what you wear. What you are wearing is your introduction before you even speak.


What is your favorite fashion trend? Least favorite?

My favorite has to be streetwear and my least favorite is unwearable couture.


What can consumers expect to see next from your brand?

We’re not here to focus on the “next thing”; we are your staple brand right here and now. For us, it’s not about what’s next but what will always be. The classic pieces you always need in your closet. The ethical practices and the comfort. Yes, we often have new designs, but you can count on our cute and cozy quality clothing every time.


If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be? 

Don’t get into this business… Haha! Just kidding… Honestly, just be positive and enjoy the ride. Life goes up and down and you just got to hang on.