Designer Interview

By: Fashwire
Oct 22, 2021 04:23 PM

What inspired you to name the brand Norden?

Norden is a Scandinavian and German word, directly translated as "The North". Our designs are inspired by Scandinavian minimalism.


What inspired you to create a sustainable brand?

We were inspired to create a sustainable brand to provide people those choices with outerwear that tends to the needs of our environment and makes you feel good on the outside.


Tell us what it means to be a B Corp brand?

Being B Corp certified means a lot to any sustainable brand, especially Norden, as our brand identity and mission is based on finding solutions to a greener fashion industry. Norden is proud to actively participate in providing solutions:  Our entire business model is designed to have the smallest possible carbon footprint; consuming less energy, less water and giving off less GHG emissions than traditional manufacturing.


Could you share your thoughts on the importance of ethically produced outerwear? Why do you think sustainability is important in the fashion industry today?

It is no news that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries: overproduction, over-consumption and carbon emissions are among the biggest factors that come up first when you think about a sustainable brand. Most of us forget that sustainability is also about transparency and ethical practices in and out of a brand. One cannot work without the other. Working with factories that value ethical processes and practices is something that is not negotiable.


“Jackets that are classic enough to last through time but modern enough to go from city to the outdoors.”


Tell us about the brand’s creative direction

Our customer is at the core of all our design decisions. We want to offer practical beautiful, streamlined jackets that tend to all their needs. Jackets that are classic enough to last through time but modern enough to go from city to the outdoors. Honest minimalism is what guides our design principle.


Tell us more about your brand’s eco-friendly practices?

Norden’s dedication to reducing waste is a prevalent force in their partnership with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in reworking hard-to-recycle materials, to keep garments out of landfills. Additionally, Norden’s Buy-Back Program allows clients to trade in a coat from another brand in exchange for a $100 discount. The Canadian-based brand will clean, repair, and donate it to Montreal’s Welcome Hall Mission, to offer garments to those who need a little warmth and comfort. Norden also established their Full-Circle Program, where clients can return their Norden jackets after three or more years to be repaired and donated on their behalf to someone who needs it, which ultimately helps minimize waste. In return, the brand offers the client a 30% discount on the cost of their new Norden jacket.

Additionally, Norden commits to working with specialty fabrics made from recycled waste. The production of their outerwear consumes 45% less energy, 20% less water and gives off 30% less GHG emissions than virgin polyester. The OEKO-TEX certified brand’s fabrics and hardware are made from locally recycled and repurposed materials, down to their polyester, nylon, insulation, and zippers. Norden’s linings are made of ®Repreve fibers made from recycled plastic bottles, to actively address unnecessary landfill waste. Norden’s eco-friendly, water-repellent finish by ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS brings a high-wash resistance with sustainable performance.


What is one piece of advice you would like to share with everyone in the fashion industry?

Although it comes naturally to consumers to switch to greener brands and purchase more products that fit their lifestyle, it is also important for both brands and consumers to keep in mind that less is more! Brands need to create products that are ecologically friendly, ethical, and well-made. Wearing NORDEN is an individual choice to protect our one planet. Choose to have fewer things. Choose to make less waste. Choose to feel good outside. Our products are made for this.


Tell us about the brand’s innovative brand partnerships?

Minimal partners - We work with only a few key manufacturing partners, to try and localize our creation process. The ones we do work with are certified, eco-responsible organizations. Our two programs where we partner with Terracycle to eliminate landfill waste:

Reduce waste. Give back. Save money - Our products are made to be worn and last over time. Therefore, we partner with TerraCycle and Montréal's Welcome Hall Mission to keep our garments out of landfills and offered to those who need a little warmth and comfort. Let us help you get involved and give back.


“Through both form and function, our purpose is to make it feel good outside in any climate.”


What do you envision for the future of the brand?

We want to continue making leeway in the sustainability department. Innovative partnerships with suppliers. New fabrics, methods. Keeping on embracing our sustainability path and being even more transparent. Redefine outerwear - Through both form and function, our purpose is to make it feel good outside in any climate. By working with repurposed materials, we are committed to making that feeling last — for you and for our Earth.


How can consumers be made more aware of transparent brands such as yours?

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of blogs, stores, websites, and magazines that not only promote sustainable brands, but specialize in them. It is also important that consumers educate themselves in what makes a sustainable brand, as well as how they can make better buying choices.