Designer Interview

By: Fashwire
Oct 07, 2020 10:01 AM

What was your background before creating Fundamental Coast?

I was a Studio Artist and an Ex Nordstrom Men’s collection buyer.


What was the inspiration behind developing the brand? 

Our inspiration was to develop a collection that reflects the community we live in. The South Bay community is diverse in terms of very sophisticated taste levels living a very casual lifestyle. There is also a sense of agelessness here and it is really common to see a wide spectrum of age groups wearing the same brands. The void was there wasn’t a high-quality collection that has a youthful more modern edge to it and this where we come in. As an action sports enthusiast, our style emulates a lot of what we saw in our youth and interpretation of trends we currently see in the market. Our fabrics have been picked for the construction, hand feel, and durability. You have to touch the garments to appreciate what we have created. 



“Fashion is a blank canvas. The customer decides the elements that make them feel their best and that defines their style.”



What makes Fundamental Coast different than similar brands out there? 

We have a much more modern and youthful edge than brands we are typically grouped with. We also have an exclusive fabric made of reclaimed oyster shells from the food industry, plastic bottles and cotton. Our Ocean Tech fabric is 100% sustainable and has many performance attributes such as anti-odor, anti-static, wrinkle resistant and UPF.  


How would you define fashion? 

Fashion is a blank canvas. The customer decides the elements that make them feel their best and that defines their style.


How do you want your customer to feel when they wear Fundamental Coast? 

Confident, above everything else.


What has been the biggest challenge while creating and developing the brand? How are you overcoming this challenge? 

The development of fabric that meet our standards was our greatest challenge. This takes time and we are investing heavily to create more daily.


“My favorite trend is anything with a vintage vibe...”


What is one thing you look for when interviewing a candidate to work for your company? 

Flexibility, with a strong work ethic. A true partner for the brand.


What is your favorite fashion trend? Least favorite? 

My favorite trend is anything with a vintage vibe. Least favorite would be extra-long t-shirts for men.


What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry? 

It takes time, patience and endurance. Then more time...


What can consumers expect to see next for Fundamental Coast? 

Fundamental coast women’s coming soon.