Designer Interview

By: FashWire
Jan 31, 2023 04:54 PM

What inspired you to name your brand?

We used to say, "EHE" with my friends when we saw something that looked so good but didn’t want to say out loud that it looks cool, so we just said EHE! When I was looking for a name for the brand, I spent many months trying to find the one that perfectly fits the vision and is also unique. Then, one day I thought, why not use our “secret word” to name the brand? That’s when EHE Apparel was born.

What are some core values for your brand?

Quality over quantity. All EHE Apparel products are locally made within Budapest, at a small family-owned women-led workshop. I try to keep the brand sustainable, as a modern fashion brand should be sustainable. We only use the best textiles, and refuse to create a product if we can’t find the perfect quality.


What was your previous work experience before launching your brand?

My degree is in economics, and I have specialized in small and medium-sized businesses. I have worked in marketing and fashion since 2016 and had the opportunity to work with many different companies.


When did you know you wanted to become a designer?

When I had become fed up with poor-quality designer products. Aside from my marketing job, I also used to do styling for many local photographers. Seeing the products of top designers up close, I noticed that many of them used very inexpensive textiles for their products but were selling them for thousands of euros. I knew a few agents who sold textiles, and they told me that most of their luxury clients were buying middle-quality textiles at best. I was shocked! Since kindergarten, I always knew I wanted to own a designer clothing boutique, and possibly a brand as well. But after this moment, I began realizing that I could make a bigger impact, since I was passionate about what people were purchasing. So, in 2018, I started my research to find the best-in-class textile providers and for a workshop that is local and works ethically.


“I created EHE Apparel because I wanted to make my visions a reality.”


Do you have a favorite piece that you have designed? 

If I had to choose, I would have to say my hoodies. I have created them based on my struggles with other hoodies, such as removing the strings completely since, in my opinion, they are useless. I did, however, keep the standard kangaroo front pocket, since they are always necessary on a hoodie. My designs have an oversized hood, so you can easily wear them with hats, long hair, etc., and they won’t be tight. To mix it up even more, I created shorter sleeves, since the ones I had from other brands have always gotten dirty or had to be rolled up, so I decided to save myself from these daily clothing struggles with a more practical design.


What is your favorite part about designing?

My favorite part is creating the samples in the workshop. Even though it is the longest and most intense process, finding the best textiles to fits the design and then making it into a full sample item is always the best part, in my opinion, since that is the time when you will first see if the vision is just as great in reality.


Where do you find inspiration?

From my mood board. I have over 100 pages of mood boards, which I always open when starting to think about what new products to create.


What sets your brand apart from the rest?

That it is true and genuine. I created EHE Apparel because I wanted to make my visions a reality. Also, I have done years of research and continuously search for new technics, better textiles, etc., instead of just focusing on creating something to simply sell.


What do you envision for the future of your brand?

I have the SS/2023 womenswear collection prepared for retailers already and hope that they see a potential to carry a brand that creates timeless, long-lasting pieces that are handmade locally and ethically from the finest textiles.


“I prefer personal style more – It is better to find shapes that flatter your body and colors you enjoy wearing to invest in, as those products will last you for decades.”


What is your favorite current fashion trend? What is your least favorite?

I don’t keep up with trends, since I believe, they are created to mass-sell items that are relevant for 1-2 seasons only. I prefer personal style more – It is better to find shapes that flatter your body and colors you enjoy wearing to invest in, as those products will last you for decades.


Do you find it difficult to have a brand based in Budapest, Hungary? What are the perks versus the challenges?

It is super difficult, in my opinion. Unlike in Paris, London, or New York, where you can easily meet with many people from the fashion industry (buyers, publishers, etc.), in Hungary, the fashion industry is still in its infancy. We don’t have many people with experience and connections in the worldwide fashion industry. However, with time, I believe that will change a lot, as we have many super-talented people who can make the wildest designs into real products.


How important is sustainability to your brand?

It is super important, but I would be lying if I said that every brand is 100% sustainable. At EHE Apparel, we try our best to be sustainable, but since we create products, they will never be 100% sustainable. We use advanced cutting to have as little waste as possible. All the products are locally made. The majority of textiles are from European companies. I design style pieces that can be worn at any age, therefore they won’t be outdated. Also, all our textile suppliers have sustainable certificates, so they are also doing their best to make the least amount of waste possible.


What sustainable measures has EHE Apparel taken to better the environment?

Quality over quantity is our core value. The production only happens locally and we are also part-owners of a forest.


If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be? 

You have all the knowledge, start now!


What should consumers expect to see next from EHE Apparel?

They can already see our SS/2023 womenswear collection. Also, we will soon be expanding to new countries. There are many amazing things coming, so follow us on Instagram!