Designer Interview

By: FashWire
Jun 30, 2023 10:00 AM

What did the beginnings of DRAE COLLECTION look like?

Starting DRAE COLLECTION was a passion project of mine. I always loved fashion and jewelry and was always on the hunt for bold and classic jewelry pieces. I really believe that jewelry makes a difference to an outfit and elevates the confidence of women. I also thought there was a gap to fill especially at that time, where the trend was too minimal and bohemian jewelry. I needed something maximalist and could not find anything I truly loved on the market.


What is your earliest design memory for your brand?

My earliest design memory for my brand is trying to figure out how to draw designs and have manufacturers understand my drawings. Since I didn't have a design background, my first designs were messy, and I used to be disappointed when I received the samples. However, with practice, I have perfected my craft and can now laugh when I think about how bad my first mockups were.


“DRAE means self-assured, independent, and confident, which perfectly represents me and the message I want my brand to convey.”


Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere, especially when I travel. Design museums and stores around the world are a great source of inspiration for me. I also love to follow celebrity fashion and keep up with the latest runway trends.


Do you have a favorite piece in your shop? 

U-Links, Havanas, Extra Earrings, and Twin Flames Hoops are definitely my favorite pieces!


How did the brand’s name come to be?

I came up with the name DRAE COLLECTION as a reflection of my identity as a modern woman. DRAE means self-assured, independent, and confident, which perfectly represents me and the message I want my brand to convey.


What was your previous work experience before launching your brand?

During my time studying Business Marketing, I gained experience in the nightlife industry. This proved to be a valuable experience, as I was able to make some great contacts that I'm very grateful for.


What brand values are most important for DRAE COLLECTION?

At DRAE COLLECTION, we hold the values of innovation, equity, community, and trust in high regard. We strive to continuously innovate through our designs, social media presence, and marketing activations, providing unique designs to our customers. Treating our employees, partners, and customers with equity and respect is a top priority for us. We value our community of customers and partners, listening to their opinions and improving our business to meet their needs. Building trust is essential to our customer relationships, and we prioritize trust with our employees and partners as well. We value the creativity of all team members at DRAE.


What were some hurdles you had to overcome in your business?

My biggest hurdle in my business was optimizing customer acquisition, especially in the tricky online world. Finding the right person to navigate this challenge was difficult, but I'm happy to say we've found a partner who has changed the game for us!


“My passion for fashion inspires me to create pieces that not only enhance a woman's natural beauty but also boost her confidence and style.”


How important is sustainability to your brand?

At DRAE, sustainability is a top priority for us. We are committed to reducing waste and minimizing our carbon impact. That's why we use reusable or recyclable packaging for all our products and strive to minimize our use of paper. We believe that making sustainable choices is crucial for the health of our planet, and we are proud to do our part.


What sustainable measures has DRAE COLLECTION taken to better the environment?

Several, such as reusable packaging, recyclable packaging, minimizing waste at our head office, and reducing to a minimum the use of single use plastic.


What made you want to design jewelry?

I love designing jewelry as it allows me to express my creativity and bring a unique touch to any outfit. My passion for fashion inspires me to create pieces that not only enhance a woman's natural beauty but also boost her confidence and style. I am considering using sustainable materials and ethical sourcing methods to align with my values and collaborating with fashion designers to showcase my work on the runway and reach a wider audience. It feels amazing to know that my jewelry can transform any outfit and make a woman feel her best.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as casual chic. I love combining classic clothing pieces with bold jewelry to add some flair and personality to my outfits.


Do you have a passion other than fashion or design?

I live for my husband, kids, and my business! My passion is my business!


If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be? 

Everything happens for a reason, and you will be just fine.


What do you envision for the future of your brand?

I envision DRAE COLLECTION growing its market shares and becoming available in large retailers across Canada, the United States, and Europe. I see our brand being top-of-mind for consumers when it comes to fashion accessories. Additionally, I aim to expand our product offerings to further enhance our brand's appeal and reach.


What is the most important thing you would like your brand to be recognized for?

At DRAE COLLECTION, I strive to create designs that resonate with women and make them feel confident. Seeing my jewelry being worn by women on the street or in a restaurant is the ultimate reward for me. I am passionate about traveling the world and seeing my designs adorn women from different cultures and backgrounds. The joy I feel when women tell me how much more confident they feel wearing DRAE COLLECTION is what motivates me to keep pushing the boundaries of design.