Virtual Visionaries

By: Fashwire
Oct 07, 2020 10:00 AM

Kaplan has earned her iconic stripes in the fashion industry as a PR guru.  She's worked tête-à-tête with the who's who of the design community. We sit down with the legend to talk about style and her new "quarountine."


Celine, where are you currently based?

New York and France.


Who is your fashion icon?

Giovanna Bataglia.


Where do you find your greatest inspiration?

Traditionally travel.  Right now, books and Instagram.


How did you get your start in fashion?

Growing up with my mother and grandmother I had no choice, they love fashion.  But, factually, my first fashion client was ERES swimwear and BOURJOIS doing make up backstage at NY Fashion Week.


"When in doubt wear colors."


Top three fashion experiences you have had?

Working for Le Bon Marché during Paris Fashion Week when Iris Apfel was their face, it was an extraordinary experience. Also, discovering ERES collections each season and seeing my boyfriend starting his line of mono product gender fluid shirts called JNSP.


How would you describe your personal style?

When in doubt wear colors.


Greatest talents you have had the opportunity to work with?

Jerome Dreyfuss, Iris Apfel, Aerin Lauder, Marie Paule Minchelli, ERES and Erin Kleinberg.


What do you miss about your day-to-day life in the fashion industry?

I miss people in general - and the fashion "lewks" of course!


Where do you see the greatest opportunity for innovation in fashion?

Sustainability, less is more, timelessness and service and experience more than pure consumption.


Any discoveries you have personally made during the Q that you love?

A new brand from Jane Herman, The Only Jane and live classes by Lia Bartha & B The Method.  


How have you pivoted and reinvented yourself?

It's a work in progress but the pandemic helped me be more socially conscious, to pay more attention to my home and to consume less, way less.


"I am most interested in driving my business into a more eco-friendly space."


What are you most excited by post Q?

I am excited to see my friends, of course. I am most interested in driving my business into a more eco-friendly space.


Trend in the Q you love?

House parties and cooking at home.


Have any new items become staples in your wardrobe?

No heels sadly, so I wear three sneakers on rotation.  My Stella McCartney, Balenciaga R13, and a pair of red camoflauge Valentino ones.


Ultimate outfit to host Live Stories or on Zoom Calls?

A dress by Figue, lipstick and jewelry makes me feel normal or "normaler" if that even exists.


What is your new daily quarountine?

Awake by 8 o’clock, lemon juice, small cup of coffee and a Lia Bartha & B The Method class.  I am trying as much as possible because it makes you feel good, but sometimes life get in the way, then shower and work. Then house party cocktail hours with friends, watching French news with my boyfriend and I cook.


Best quarantine purchase?

The only not necessary purchase is weekly flower delivery by Agnes de Villarson it lifts my mood.


Who have you reconnected with during The Q that makes you smile?

My father. I was stuck with him for the first five weeks in his house in an almost deserted island in the Caribbean. It was a really nice time.


Top five designers you have forever loved and still do.

Hèrmes, DÔEN, Laurence Bras, Chanel and vintage Saint Laurent.

Top 3 Favorite Designers on Fashwire?

Creative  Brazil, I love it all.  ASN hats, 2 of each thank you.   I also love Kin Amora, relaxed minimalist cool.