Designer Interview

By: FashWire
Feb 09, 2024 10:15 AM

What inspired you to name your brand?

The word Noir is a French anecdote, that denotes a marked darkness in exploring themes of the blurred line between good and evil or any subject matter. It can be depicted as a genre of storytelling, characterized by its dark tone, typically depicting a morally ambiguous protagonist involved in sleazy underworld activities. Known for its stark black-and-white visual style, atmospheric lighting, and gritty urban settings, I tend to describe and elaborate it through fashion.

What inspired me to name my brand “Anoir” was a scenario of imagination of a state of mind where there is an atmosphere of serenity as well as emptiness followed by a spiritual awakening. 


When did you know you wanted to become a designer?

Being from a family of painters I was always surrounded by minds who unanimously inspired and supported me and had intense imaginative and creative skills, I grew up with a wide spectrum of creative ideas in me. I knew I wanted to become a designer back when I was in high school.


What did the beginnings of Anoir Collection look like?

It was a capsule collection at the beginning, which only consisted of accessories. The clothing collection was a broader idea for my master’s thesis. The products were avant-garde and transformable which gradually became the core identity of the later collection. 


“One will always get a feeling of deep research, intellectuality, and an atmosphere of noir and surrealism when gazing at my works.”


How would you describe the style you aim for your brand?

The preferably aimed styles for my brand would be contemporary, portraying the caliginous side of life which has a story of its own in a very minimalist way, and avant-garde with a hint of urban style. I try to bring about a sense of relatability when it comes to our brand through fashion, over time also keeping in mind sustainability and ethical processes.


Where do you find inspiration?

A deep merge between art and fashion, a conceptual and philosophical reflection is seen in my pathway. I have a strong imaginative strength and always like to build an atmosphere around my work, this is my identical way to invite the clientele into my world.

One will always get a feeling of deep research, intellectuality, and an atmosphere of noir and surrealism when gazing at my works. Looking deep within, I feel there are many questions to unfold in this sublime life. Thus, there will be a quest and you will always find something new.


What sets your brand apart from the rest?

It can be said that my brand holds an important meaning in my life which is an interpretation of my mind and soul that is undoubtedly and absolutely unique. It is indeed very difficult to find similarities in terms of style regarding my brand compared to other brands but of course, there is a genre of designers that I’m inspired by and have followed their footsteps of abstract ideas which has been very beneficial for me in the long run.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to a new designer?

I would ask them to first gain experience, then to figure out the exact aesthetic they want to go for, and once they are sure, to never give up because it is not going to be easy!


What was your previous work experience before launching your brand?

I have worked as a designer with several production houses in India, as an international fashion journalist, and done a lot of fashion consultancies.


“The most important purpose of our brand is to promote, motivate, and encourage our customers to opt for sustainability.”


What are the perks versus the challenges of having a brand based in Kolkata, India?

The perks are that India is a very resourceful country it is easy to find a variety of materials, artisans, and hand craftsmanship, and has a big scope for development.

The challenges are that the collection is very international, hence finding a local market is difficult, as the products are very versatile to the local culture. 


What was the toughest circumstance you overcame when just starting your business?

I would say, finding the right market, how to work out product placement, and then sustaining each season during the early days was the toughest circumstance. 


If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be?

It’s not easy, but glad I did it!


What brand values are most important for Anoir Collection?

The most important purpose of our brand is to promote, motivate, and encourage our customers to opt for sustainability. We make sure we follow each of the requirements needed very carefully and under conditions of slow fashion trends. We use up-cycled, natural-certified fabrics and dyes in the manufacturing of our products.


How does sustainability play a role in your brand? What sustainable measures has Anoir Collection taken to better the environment?

Sustainability is the core factor as to why our brand should get promoted and encouraged in the department of sales and marketing, keeping in mind all the sustainable measures like finding 100% natural fabrics and dyes. During the process not only do we face difficulties and restrictions in selecting materials, but we also always try to find solutions within sustainable parameters.

Various measures are taken in every process of the product cycle. All the materials are always natural/organic and azo-free. The use of natural dyes and hand-woven fabrics along with zero wastage pattern making are curated carefully within our studio workshop with a very ethical environment process. We are also a part of UNSDG & GOTS.


Do you have a passion other than fashion or design?

Absolutely, I love to paint and am also interested in photography and filmmaking. 


What should consumers expect to see next from Anoir Collection?

We are looking forward to launching our very own winter collection which would be flat knit and made purely out of wool. The collection is flowy and oversized with a lot of details that are handmade; in addition, there is denim and hemp material hand-washed to create a unique look.