"Glacier" Set


Designer Name: Modern Tie

"GLACIER" - 2 TIE 1 KNOT - SET Our "Glacier" package combines the sleek woven hexagonal whites & grays found in Snow Camo with the linear striped light-blue, gray, and white stripes found in Winter Ash. These two Modern Ties bring the cool back during the hot summer months, while remaining clean and stylish in the winter, fall, and spring. Pairing these ties with our Smooth Off White Top Knot makes this set a rock star in any arena. This Modern Tie Set works best when worn with Navy, Black, Beige or Gray. Each tie is made from the finest 100% silk designed in the USA and delivered in a modern 2.5 inch blade width. PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1- Snow Camo Silk Tie 1- Winter Ash Silk Tie 1- Smooth White Top Knot